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TV and videos

Find media material including TV and video appearances of CMEC researchers in:

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Research presentations

View presentations of research that is conducted by researchers at CMEC.

Routes of migratory birds

Professor Kasper Thorup explain how three migratory bird track seasonal peaks in resources.

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January 2017

Genetic biodiversity

Postdoctoral researcher Andreia Miraldo explains Map of Genetic Diversity.

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September 2016

New species of Arachnid

PhD student at CMEC Gustavo Silva de Miranda's interesting discovery is presented as case #9 at 7:45 min.

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February 2016


Associate Professor David Noguéz-Bravo comments on the hot topic of rewilding.

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February 2016



Educational material about COP21

Katherine Richardson explains the scientific background for the Climate Agreement in Paris.

November 2016

Global bæredygtighed efter COP 21
Professor and scientist in marine biology Katherine Richardson guests DK4, and tells more about the results from COP21.

February 2016

Climate research at the roof of the Zoologisk Museum Come to the roof of the Danish Natural History Museum with ph.d. Peter Søgaard Jørgensen who has collected insects and knowledge for 18 years.

November 2015

It is here: No reason to fear the wolf
The Nature Agency has recently published a photo of a wolf in a forest in the middle of Jutland, Denmark. Rasmus Gren Havmøller from the Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate explains more. (In Danish)

October 2015

Tracking thrush nightingale and red-backed shrike
Anders Tøttrup and Kasper Thorup explain how they track migrating songbirds and what caused the late arrival of the birds to Europe in 2011. Their study was also published in Science. (8 min, Danish)

December 2012

Owls in Denmark
Associate Professor Kasper Thorup explains how the Great Horned Owl and the Little Owl is adapting to the Danish landscape in an interview for Nationalpark TV. (28 min, Danish)

December 2012

Biodiversity in forests
CMEC postdoc Jacob Heilmann-Clausen explains the importance of dead wood for forest biodiversity. The video is part of series of information material produced by the Danish Nature Agency for a citizen meeting on biodiversity
(6 min, Danish)

January 2012

Challenges for life on Earth
Professor Carsten Rahbek maps the fundamental challenges for life on earth right now. The interview relates to the project 'In 100 years - starting now'. (9 min)

November 2011

What is macroecology?
A quick guide to macroecology - Professor Carsten Rahbek explains. (3 min, Danish) - See full interview below.

February 2010

Center leader awarded Elite Researcher 2010
Interview with Professor Carsten Rahbek upon recieving the Eliteforsk award 2010. (36 min, Danish).



Field work

Cuckoos count cost of shortcut home, say scientists.
Associate Professor Kasper Thorup show how scientists track cuckoos reported by BBC (1 min., English).

July 2016

Cuckoo decline tracked by satellite.
Lector Kasper Thorup and PhD student Mikkel Willemoes Kristensen join BTO in fitting satellite trackers on cuckoos reported here by BBC.
(2 min., English)

June 2011

Research in Ghana.
CMEC's MSc student Mathilde Lerche reports from the field. Together with project leader Kasper Thorup, postdoc Anders Tøttrup and PhD student Mikkel Willemoes Kristensen she investigates the use of winterhabitat in european small birds. The project is in collaboration with DOF and GWF . (7 min, Danish)

February/March 2011

Also view the video diary from
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Talk by Carsten Rahbek at 'Videnskabernes Selskab'
What determines the distribution of life on Earth? (In Danish) (60 min).

November 2015

Heering on biodiversity
Heering in The Danish Parliament’s Environment Committee (Folketingets Miljøudvalg) on Biodiversity. Carsten Rahbek is one of the presenters in the expert panel. (In Danish).

May 2015

Exploring our own planet
We humans are dependent on the ocean for our very survival as it moderates the climate and forms the land habitats where humans can thrive.

How will global changes, including climate change and human exploitation, impact the ocean? Katherine Richardson tell the tale of the Galathea3 expedition in 2006-2007 that set out to answer some of these questions.
(68 min)

April 2013


Danish nature areas

The movies show interesting nature areas in Sealand, Denmark. They are being presented by scientist from CMEC. All the videos are in Danish, produced as part of the project Vild Campus.

Biologist Jacob Heilmann-Clausen guides over dead wood and through wet bogs in Suserup forest.
Biologist Jonas Geldmann finds colourful waxcaps and teaches how to make a 'nature check' in the grassland of Odsherred Bjergene.

Postdoc Mikkel Willemoes guides to the natural meadow area Tryggevælde Ådal.

Associate Professor Hans Henrik Bruun guides to the natural beach area Tisvilde Beach.

PhD student Tora Finderup Nielsen guides to the natural meadow area around Gentofte lake.

Associate Professor Hans Henrik Bruun guides to the natural grassland in Vesterlyng.

Biologist Lars Iversen guides to the life in the trees in the forest areas of Dyrehaven.