Scientific Advisor for WWViews on Biodiversity – University of Copenhagen

Scientific Advisor for WWViews on Biodiversity

The information booklet, World Wide Views - Biodiversity, is made to serve the specific purpose of informing participants in the World Wide Views 2012.

WWViews on biodiversity is a global citizen participation project designed to provide policymakers with information about citizens’ views on biodiversity issues. On September 15th 2012, citizens all over the world met in their countries to debate biodiversity, leading up to the UN Biodiversity conference, COP11, in India.

Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate (CMEC) has coordinated the Scientific Advisory Board to help ensure that the information material presented to the citizens is accurate, sufficient and balanced, considering the questions they are asked to deliberate on. Professor Carsten Rahbek and Professor Neil Burgess from CMEC has participated in the Advisory Board. The publication is provided by The Danish Board of Technology.