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Student projects and theses

At CMEC, we are always looking for students who want to do their Master's thesis, bachelor-, or independent project supervised by our Center researchers.

Master's Thesis

If you are interested in doing a Master's thesis supervised by one of the Center researchers, please contact us with your idea. We also have some pre-defined master's thesis:

Proposed project themes

You are welcome to propose your own ideas, but we are also keen to help with suggestions on topics within the research areas of the Center. Read more: 

Conservation biology in Denmark
Do you want to work with nature management, biodiversity and monitoring? Then a project in the field of conservation is the right choice!

International Nature Conservation
Research within this field address issues of relevance to international nature conservation, in particular those related to biodiversity and climate change

Species Interactions
Species interactions, such as competition and facilitation, may influence distribution and coexistence of species. We are working with emphasis on mutualistic interactions.

Inspiration for projects or master's thesis

Read some of the current student projects supervised by researchers at Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate:

Before you contact os

Before you contact one of our researchers, please, give some thought to:

  • What areas of interest do you have within biology and how this translates to topics within the Centre's scopes?
  • What are your objectives for the project, both personal and academic?
  • Which academic and technical proficiencies are needed to complete the project?
  • What kind of skills do you expect to learn during the process?

Following this, we ask that you to send an e-mail with a one page CV including a list of subjects and courses relevant for the project and a maximum one page description of your ideas and motivation for doing the project. This is not to discourage you from doing a project at the Center, but to insure that you have given some thought to what you want and what interests you.


Professor Anders Tøttrup