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Conservation projects in Denmark

Do you want to work with nature management, biodiversity and monitoring in a Danish context? Then a project in the field of conservation is the right choice.

If you need inspiration for a project with a focus on field biology and nature protection in Denmark, then see our flyer with project ideas:

The project ideas are meant as suggestions and can be used as inspiration for a Master Thesis, Bachelor Project and other types of projects.

Financial support

If you want to do fieldwork in nature reserves owned by the Aage V. Jensen Naturfond, you can apply for financial assistance to cover the basic costs of the project.

Information and advices

If you are interested in more information about projects in concervation, you can find advices and read more about how it is to do a project at our center


If you want to know more or would like to discuss a specific project idea, please feel free to contact us:

Anders Tøttrup
Main topics: Conservation biology, citizen science, ornithology

Jacob Heilmann-Clausen
Main topics: Conservation biology, Mycology, forest Ecology