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Project: Species interactions

Species interactions, such as competition and facilitation, may influence species distributions and species coexistence. Therefore, understanding how species interactions are shaped and persist under changing environments is crucial for predicting the consequences of environmental perturbations on ecological communities. Center researchers are working with different problems within this field, with particular emphasis on mutualistic interactions.

MSc project With Assistant Professor Bo Dalsgaard

MSc project on the efficiency of Jamaican bees and the introduce honeybee (Apis mellifera) as pollinators of coffee in the Jamaican Blue Mountains, Caribbean: implication for the production of the world’s best coffee

Background: Some of the world’s best coffee is produced in Jamaica; however, production has recently decreased. Coffee is able to produce seeds without help from pollinators, but seed-production is increased if pollinated. Bees are the main pollinator, often both “local” (native) bees and the honeybee act as pollinators in coffee production, but surprisingly little is known about their relative role.

Project aims are to test:
1) the role of native bees and the honeybee in increasing seed-set of the coffee in the Jamaican Blue Mountains.

2) examine if the relative role of native bees vs the honeybee change with a) distance to beehives, b) distance to forest, c) intensity of farming, d) elevation, e) temperature, f) precipitation.

Project partners: the project will form part of a collaboration between Oubu coffee (, Jamaican farmers and Assistant Professor Bo Dalsgaard. Interested students should contact Bo Dalsgaard by email: Please send CV (max 2 pages) and transcript of marks.

NB: there are also possibilities for a project on socio-economic issues.

For more information please contact