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The Center is a long-term funded Center of Excellence that started 1st of January 2010. Today the Center is a part of the Natural History Museum of Denmark and Department of Food and Resource Economics at the University of Copenhagen.  

The center brings together marine and terrestrial high-profile scientists, postdoctoral scientists, PhD-students as well as technical and administrative staff. It juxtapose faculty staff scientists from the fields of macroecology, historical biogeography, oceanography, evolutionary biology, ecology, population biology, climate change research, conservation biology and environmental economics, who have been assigned to the center from the Department of Biology, the Natural History Museum of Denmark, and Forest & Landscape (all University of Copenhagen) and the National Institute of Aquatic Resources (Technical University of Denmark ). 

Research at the center focuses on: 

  • How to explain the large-scale spatial distribution of biological diversity on Earth from first principles of evolution, ecology and historical contingency

  • How does climate as a principal factor affect distribution of life on Earth in the past, today and in the future (given landuse- and climate change)

  • How species-specific, high quality data and through knowledge about the evolution, natural history and biology of species can advance our in-depth understanding about life and function of organisms on Earth

  • How evolutionary and ecographical principles, data and knowledge can be used to develop robust, science-based strategies for management of biological diversity today and in the future