PhD forsvar af Peter Søgaard Jørgensen – University of Copenhagen

26. juni 2014

PhD forsvar af Peter Søgaard Jørgensen

Makroøkologisk analyse af miljøforandringers artspåvirkning - eller : Macroecology of environmental change respons

Sted: Universitetsparken 15, Bygning 1, Auditorium A stuen

Tid: 30. juni kl. 14.00 (reception kl. 17)

Kommite: Jon Fjeldså (KU), Rhys Green (University of Cambridge), David Orme (Imperial College)

Vejleder: Carsten Rahbek

Human induced changes in the earth system, such as anthropogenic climate change, cause loss of biodiversity that feed back as food, health and environmental challenges for human society. Climate change is one of the main threats to biodiversity and human society due to its global manifestation, long interval from reduction in green house emission to cessation of warming, and the uncertain capacity of the natural systems to buffer greenhouse gas emissions. This thesis explores current challenges in our understanding of how climate change will affect biodiversity and how consequent challenges for human society can be minimized.