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PhD forsvar af Anders Tøttrup – University of Copenhagen

12. januar 2009

PhD forsvar af Anders Tøttrup

Thesis Defender: Anders Tøttrup

Time: Tuesday 27 January 1300 hrs

Place: Auditorium A, Building 10, Universitetsparken 15, Copenhagen

Title: The impact of climate change on phenology in migratory birds

Evaluation Committee: Professor Dr. Katrin Böhning-Gaese; Professor Dr. Timothy Sparks; Professor Dr. Thomas Læssøe

The defence will be held in English.

The thesis summarises work on the impact of climate change on timing of migration in avian migrants. With the use of long-term, standardised data from ringing schemes, the objectives are to explore patterns of phenological change in passerine songbirds as well as determine causes and predictors of the climate-induced phenological responses. Furthermore, the aim is to investigate sex-specific and species-specific patterns of phenological changes in relation to climate change.