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20. august 2012

Damien Fordham besøger CMEC

Dr. Damien Fordham, an Australian Research Council Super Science Fellow is visiting CMEC and will in that connection give a Section Seminar this Friday.

Seminar title: Integrating range change, extinction risk and climate change information into conservation management


Correlative species distribution models are the primary tool used to describe and forecast the potential influence of climate change on biodiversity. However they have been criticised for failing to directly account for important biological and landscape processes, and their interaction. Recent advances to link species distribution models with population models have focused on the important fundamental step of integrating dispersal and metapopulation dynamics into forecasts of species geographic ranges. I will use plant and animal case studies form marine and terrestrial systems, to highlight three seldom recognised, but important, advantages of linking species distribution models with demographic modelling approaches: (i) They provide direct measures of extinction risk in addition to measures of vulnerability based on change in the potential range area or total habitat suitability. (ii) They capture life-history traits that permit population density to vary in different ways in response to key spatial drivers, conditioned by the processes of global change. (iii) They can be used to explore and rank the cost effectiveness of regional conservation alternatives and demographically oriented management interventions. Given these advantages, I will show that integrated methods should be used preferentially where data permits and when conservation management decisions require intervention, prioritization, or direct estimates of extinction risk in response to climate change.


Dr Damien Fordham is an Australian Research Council Super Science Fellow working in the Environment Institute at the University of Adelaide. Damien's research interests are diverse, and include ecological modelling, climate science, population ecology, wildlife management, conservation planning, invasive ecology and indigenous land management. His particular specialty is in the field of global change biology and, more specifically, the ecological and evolutionary consequences of human mediated change.

Date: 24-08-2012 14:00

Place: Auditorium A, Building 10, Universitetsparken 15

Host: Miguel B. Araújo, CMEC