Rob Dunn fra North Carolina State University besøger CMEC – University of Copenhagen

23. marts 2011

Rob Dunn fra North Carolina State University besøger CMEC

Section Seminars: Dr. Rob Dunn

Using global collaborations, experiments and simple observations to understand the current and future distribution of inconspicuous, but consequential life.

He will discuss three ongoing approaches my group is using to understand the distribution of ant and other small species: "First, we are using a global collaboration to pool the "traditional" knowledge of biologists and citizens around the world about the species that live around them. Second, we are using large scale experiments to empirically test predictions derived from large scale work. Third, we are using local observations to understand the changes that have already gone on, unnoticed, in the urban and other anthropogenic habitats around us, habitats that although near at hand tend to be largely overlooked. My talk will focus on ants, but also mention ongoing work with human disease, belly button microbes and other species that we pay little attention to but that influence our well being and quality of life."