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Ressourcer og databaser

Databases created by CMEC

Below you find databases created by scientists at Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate.

CMEC Zoogeographic Realms and Regions

Data descriptions and maps for global zoogeographic regions.

The Copenhagen global avian distributional database

Distributional data for the more than 10,000 species of birds for all land and non-pelagic species was mapped for each species at a resolution of 1o × 1o latitude-longitude grid cells.

The Copenhagen databases of African vertebrates 

The one-degree resolution databases of all terrestrial birds, mammals, snakes and amphibians in Sub-Saharan Africa compiled in Copenhagen in the years 1995-2006 and held at the Zoological Museum at the University of Copenhagen (ZMUC) in Denmark.

Database of African Migrants

The Center for Macroecology's database of Western Palearctic birds migrating within Africa. This database is intended to be used for guiding conservation decisions.

iMapGenes: An Anthropocene map of genetic diversity

Map of genetic divresity af mammals and amphibians.

Software of special interest


Biogeography software for ecologists. BioGeoSim simulates the stochastic origin and spread of species geographic ranges in a heterogeneous landscape (Rahbek et al. 2007). The landscape is represented as a gridded domain map, with the rows and columns representing the geographic coordinates of the domain.

Software and GIS databases

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External data resources

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