Questionnaire on social equity in protected areas – University of Copenhagen

3 June 2016

Questionnaire on social equity in protected areas

Social Equity

Addressing equity in protected sites is one of the most urgent challenges conservation is facing due to its close relation to successfully reach conservation outcomes, and because inequity is not ethically acceptable in a global framework of sustainable development.

Protected areas are the cornerstone of biodiversity and ecosystem services conservation and they are being expanded to reach the commitments of area protection determined by the Aichi Target 11; that aims to protect 17% of terrestrial and inland water and 10% of coastal and marine areas by 2020.

Postdoc Noelia Calvo from CMEC are conducting a questionnaire, asking you to share your knowledge on a particular protected area that you are familiar with in order to build the capacity for assessing and monitoring equity in protected areas (recognition of rights, traditional knowledge and institutions, advancing participation in processes and decision making, fair distribution of burdens and sharing of benefits, etc).

The questionnaire consists of 12 questions. The expected time to complete the questionnaire is about 15-30 minutes. Please click on the link below and participate in this research and share with your colleagues!


Noelia Calvo
Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate
Natural History Museum
University of Copenhagen