Tad Fukami from Stanford University is visiting CMEC – University of Copenhagen

30 March 2016

Tad Fukami from Stanford University is visiting CMEC

Tad Fukami, Associate Professor at Stanford University is visiting CMEC on sabbatical from March 31 - Dec 31.
He studies how species assemble into ecological communities, with a focus on understanding historical contingency, or when and why the structure and function of communities are contingent on the past history of species immigration. In collaboration with students, postdocs, and colleagues, he uses experimental, theoretical, and comparative methods, involving bacteria, protists, fungi, plants, and animals.
While at CMEC, his main goal is to write a book on community assembly for the Princeton Monographs in Population Biology series, a project funded by the US NSF OPUS grant. In this book, he hopes to explore patterns and processes at larger scales (i.e., macroecological scales) than he has previously focused on, which is one reason why he is excited about the opportunity to be at CMEC. He will also be interacting with the group at the Section of Microbiology headed by Soren Sorensen.