Bo Dalsgaard hired as Associate professor at CMEC – University of Copenhagen

31 July 2017

Bo Dalsgaard hired as Associate professor at CMEC

In July 2017, Bo Dalsgaard started as Associate professor at Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate, Natural History Museum of Denmark.

Bo's research interest is to link questions related to community-ecology and macro-ecology. He focuses on large-scale geographical patterns of species interaction networks and biodiversity. A main aim of his research is to determine how network structure and biodiversity may interrelate, and be influenced by environmental factors, notably contemporary and historical climate. Currently, Bo is working on setting up an applied aspect of this research line, focused on the pollination of coffee along elevation gradients around the world.

Career path

Bo graduated from University of Aarhus in 2009. Thereafter, he was a Danish Research Council sponsored postdoc in Bill Sutherlands Lab, University of Cambridge. Since 2012, Bo has been at CMEC, first as a postdoc on his own independent research grant from the Carlsberg Foundation, then Assistant Professor and now Associate Professor.