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Associate Professor Damien Fordham is spending 2018 at CMEC – University of Copenhagen

29 January 2018

Associate Professor Damien Fordham is spending 2018 at CMEC

Associate Professor Damien Fordham will be spending 2018 on sabbatical at CMEC. Damien is a global change ecologist from the University of Adelaide, Australia. His research brings a range of critical skills to the topic of global environmental change on natural systems: an area characterised by complexity and some irreducible uncertainty.

Damien’s research blends theoretical and empirical approaches. He uses the latest developments in quantitative ecology, evolutionary biology, climatology and paleontology to improve the way in which ecological-model forecasts are generated, interpreted, and used to protect natural systems for long-term resource sustainability.

At CMEC, Damien will be working closely with David Nogues-Bravo and Carsten Rahbek to better understand drivers of global patterns of intra-specific genetic diversity and to establish ecological mechanisms of range contractions.