Céline Moreaux is new PhD student at CMEC – University of Copenhagen

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5 February 2018

Céline Moreaux is new PhD student at CMEC

Céline Moreaux started at Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate (CMEC) as PhD student in October 2017. Her project is a collaboration between CMEC and the Institute for Food and Resource Economics (IFRO).

PhD student Céline Moreaux (to the right) and her Brazilian project assistant Desirée

During the next three years, she will be studying pollination limitation in coffee production in the Jamaican Blue Mountains.

Her aim is to identify cost-effective measures to increase pollinator activity and thereby coffee yields, while maintaining or enhancing biodiversity. Using a climate gradient along the different coffee growing regions in the Blue Mountains, she attempts to assess climate change related risks in coffee cultivation and provide adaptation strategies.

Céline will be supervised by Niels Strange (principal supervisor, IFRO/CMEC), Bo Dalsgaard (CMEC), Jette Bredahl Jacobsen (IFRO/CMEC) and Carsten Rahbek (CMEC).

PhD student Céline Moreaux
Email: cpcm@ifro.ku.dk