27 October 2015

More than pony-rides


In the 19. October issue of Current Biology, Ludovic Orlando presents why the equid family represents such a fascinating field of investigation for him and his group.

"The horse family has way more to offer than just pony rides and beautiful safari pictures. It represents an evolutionary mine for paleontologists, and a challenge for conservation biologists. Horses also offer life goals for passionate breeders. Gaining the friendship of the horse was the noblest conquest of man according to Comte de Buffon, and together with the donkey, this animal has strongly influenced human history."

Dr. Orlando continues:

"Given the wealth of archaeological remains and historical documents retracing our intimate history with these animals, and the possibility to collect genome-wide information from contemporary and ancient animals, the horse family has perhaps something even more important to offer, namely a multidisciplinary field of study, truly bridging biosciences and humanities."

For more, see http://www.cell.com/current-biology/abstract/S0960-9822%2815%2901084-2

Mongolia, Khomiin taal, May 2014. (Photo: Ludovic Orlando).