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The symposium was hosted by the Centre for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate (CMEC), University of Copenhagen. Supported by the 15. Juni foundation.

Talks available as pdf's

Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Associate Professor, CMEC, University of Copenhagen:


Carsten Rahbek, Professor, CMEC, University of Copenhagen:
Setting the scene: why forests matter for biodiversity conservation in temperate Europe, with a focus on Denmark

Theme 1: Forest history, dynamics, and biodiversity

Bent Vad Odgaard, Professor, Department of Geoscience,  University of Aarhus:
Population expansions in cultural landscapes: Palaeoecological insights.
Karsten Thomsen, Biologist, Verdens Skove:
Tree species diversity and forest structure in rainforest of South America – what can we learn in relation to forest dynamics in Europe?
Erik Buchwald, Forest ecologist, Danish Nature Agency/University of Copenhagen:
The history of dead wood and veteran trees in Danish forests since 1500.
Hans Henrik Bruun, Associate professor, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen: 
Loss of vascular plant diversity in Danish forests 1870-2015 and drivers of the change.
Peter Friis Møller, Senior advisor, GEUS:
Historical forest management systems and their potential for conserving biodiversity.
Björn Nordén, Researcher, Norwegian institute for Nature Research:
Do pollarded trees support a higher species diversity of lichens, bryophytes and fungi than large unpollarded trees?
Jörg Brunet, Professor,  SLU Alnarp:
Ancient forests – modern threats: challenges for biodiversity management in forest reserves.

Theme 2: Forest management and conservation of biodiversity

Asko Lõhmus, Senior researcher, Head of Conservation Biology Group, University of Tartu:
Seminatural forestry combined with reserves: a success story for biodiversity conservation?
Lena Gustafsson, Professor, SLU, Uppsala: 
The evidence-base for retention approaches in forestry.
Hans Peter Ravn, Associate Professor, IGN, University of Copenhagen:
Why do we find the best localities for rare and interesting insects on private lands and not in public owned forests?
Vivian Kvist Johannsen, Senior researcher, IGN, University of Copenhagen:
Dead wood – development as result of choice of management.
Erik Aude, Director, HabitatVision: 
Can coppice maintain biodiversity in Alnus swamps?
Nerea Abrego, PostDoc, Norwegian University of Science and Technology:
Does forest connectivity and reserve size matter for conservation of wood-inhabiting fungi?
Péter Ódor, senior researcher and Bence Kovács, PhD student, MTA Cenre for Ecological Research:
Effect of forestry treatments on microclimate, soil, biodiversity and regeneration in temperate oak-hornbeam forests - an experimental approach.
Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Associate Professor, CMEC, University of Copenhagen:
Restoration of habitat complexity in managed beech forests – an experimental approach.

Theme 3: Forest biodiversity, economy, and ecosystem services

Adrian Newton, Professor, University of Bournemouth:
Planning for forest biodiversity and ecosystem services at the landscape scale - trade-offs and benefits.
Rasmus Ejrnæs, Senior researcher, Department of Bioscience University of Aarhus:
Low energy forest as promising “novel ecosystems” on abandoned agricultural lands.
Eva Roth, Associate professor, Department of Environmental and Business Economics, University of Southern Denmark:
Planning for the Nordic assessment of Biodiversity, the IPBES way
Dalia Amor Conde, Assistant professor, Department of Biology, University of Southern Denmark:            
Opportunities and cost of preventing species extinctions – what can we learn from the AZE approach?
Anders Højgård Petersen, Senior advisor,  CMEC, University of Copenhagen:
Biodiversity and ecosystem services in Danish forests - a national analysis. 
Jette Bredahl Jacobsen, Professor, CMEC-IFRO, University of Copenhagen:
Conserving forest biodiversity on private lands – options and challenges.