Damarks natur frem mod 2020 – University of Copenhagen

Danmarks Natur Frem mod 2020

The biodiversity in Denmark is under a lot of pressure, several reports conclude. There is a need to define a number of areas in the country where nature comes first, receives more space and better care.

Several researchers from Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate together with a total of 42 researchers have written a report that recommends a list of specific initiatives to halt the loss of biodiversity.

The Danish report "Danmarks Natur Frem mod 2020 - Om at stoppe tabet af biologisk mangfoldighed" covers all areas of Denmark's nature - both on land and in the water. With a unified voice, the researchers points to the need of more space, better planning and better care of the Danish nature..

For authors of the report:
Carsten Rahbek, professor and leader for Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate, Univeristy of Copenhagen, phone 3532 1030, crahbek@bio.ku.dk