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Diversity patterns along an elevational gradient in southern Ecuador


Living organisms do not evolve in isolation with the environment, but in complex mutualistic and antagonistic associations with each other. As such, the significance of interspecific interactions together with the abiotic environment for diversity patterns across space, have long been a key topic in biology. 

The study

Photo: Jesper Sonne

The area is a hotspot in the World for biological diversity and therefore, the biotic and abiotic mechanisms underlying the buildup, maintenance and turnover of species communities within are central themes in the research conducted there.The Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate provide opportunities for MSc Projects on species diversity patterns along an elevation gradient in southern Ecuador.

Project questions could be:

  • How does elevational changes in species composition relate to changes in hummingbird and plant morphology?
  • How does the importance of different pollinator groups change along the gradient?

 We welcome other suggestions to be developed in collaboration with us.

Field work

The project will consist of approximately three months of fieldwork in either autumn 2017 or summer 2018.


PhD student Jesper Sonne


Assistant professor Bo Dalsgaard