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MSc Thesis: Conservation in Artic

Photo: Mads Forchhammer

Mammals conservation status in a changing artic

Background and main aim:
Marine and terrestrial arctic mammals are highly exposed to anthropogenic global change and their future survival is under risk.

To better understand the future fate of Arctic mammals we will explore the recent temporal trends in IUCN conservation status for all arctic marine and terrestrial mammals, and assess how external (type of main threat) and internal factors (species traits) explain differences in conservation status.

Results will be highly relevant for international bodies like IPBES and the Arctic Council.

Specific project aims are:

  1. Quantify the temporal trends of IUCN conservation across all marine and terrestrial mammal species.

  2. Test whether differences in IUCN conservation status trends across species are driven by the type of threat and species’ traits.

Project supervisors:
Interested students should contact the project supervisors. Se contact information below. Please send CV (max 2 pages) and transcript of marks to:

Associate Professor David Nogués-Bravo
Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate
University of Copenhagen 

Professor Mads Forchhammer
Department of Arctic Biology
University of Svalbard