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CMEC Zoogeographic Realms and Regions

Data descriptions and maps for global zoogeographic regions

Citation: Ben G. Holt,  Jean-Philippe Lessard,  Michael K. Borregaard,  Susanne A. Fritz,  Miguel B. Araújo, Dimitar Dimitrov,  Pierre-Henri Fabre,  Catherine H. Graham,  Gary R. Graves, Knud A. Jønsson, David Nogués-Bravo,  Zhiheng Wang,  Robert J. Whittaker,  Jon Fjeldså, and Carsten Rahbek (2013), An Update of Wallace’s Zoogeographic Regions of the World. Science 339 (6115), p74-78, published online 20 December 2012 (10.1126/science.1228282).

The Copenhagen global avian distributional database

Citation: Rahbek, C., Hansen, L.A., and Fjeldså, J. 2012. One degree resolution database of the global distribution of birds. The Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Other data resources

Software of special interest: BioGeoSim

Biogeography software for ecologists. BioGeoSim simulates the stochastic origin and spread of species geographic ranges in a heterogeneous landscape (Rahbek et al. 2007). The landscape is represented as a gridded domain map, with the rows and columns representing the geographic coordinates of the domain.

Citing BioGeoSim: Gotelli, N.J., G.L. Entsminger, C. Rahbek, & G. R. Graves. 2010. BioGeooSim: Biogeography software for Ecologists. Acquired Intelligence Inc. & Kesey-Bear. Jericho, VT 05465

GIS Software, Tools and Map Data

Other software


Taxon information