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Teaching and courses

The staff at Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate are involved in teaching the following courses and programmes:

Master's programmes

Master of Nature Management
Master of Biology


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Bachelor courses

Biodiversitet (2017/18)
Conservation (2017/18)
Danmarks fauna - Hvirveldyr (2017/18)
Field Course in Ecology and Evolution of East Africa (2017/18)
Introduktion til naturvidenskabelig formidling (2017/18)

Graduate courses

Climate Change and Biodiversity (2017/18)
Climate Change and Biogeochemical Cycles (2017/18)
Conservation Biology (2017/18)
Field Mycology and Identification of Fungi (2017/18)
Invasion Biology (2017/18)
Introduction to Ecological Data Analysis with R (2017/2018)
Macroecology and Community Ecology (2017/18)
Mundtlig naturvidenskabelig kommunikation og formidling (2016/17)
Ornithology (2017/18)
Thematic Course 1: Ecology and Management of Nature and Semi-Nature Areas (2017/18)

Summer school cources

Modelling species distributions under climate change (2016/17)

International Nature Conservation:

Summer University (for working professionals)

FNs 17 Verdensmål – strategiske muligheder og praktisk implementering (2016/17)