John-Arvid Grytnes is visiting CMEC – University of Copenhagen

17 August 2018

John-Arvid Grytnes is visiting CMEC

John-Arvid Grytnes will be staying at CMEC until the end of 2018.

John-Arvid is Professor at Department of Biological Sciences, University of Bergen. His professional focus is connected to patterns in species diversity and distribution, and species dynamic as response to different human-related drivers. These topics have been studied by using a wide range of ecological approaches with a special focus on altitudinal species diversity gradients and by revisiting old studies to investigate how diversity and distribution change with changing environment.

While at CMEC, John-Arvid will mainly work on two projects. The first one is a longterm project looking at plant community responses to climatic and environmental changes on mountain summits in Europe. For this part, he will primarily focus on how the community responses are lagging behind climatic changes. In the second project, he plans to study the variation in range sizes, especially how humans affect species ranges through space and time.

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