2 December 2019

Carsten Rahbek receives science prize


Carsten Rahbek, Director of The Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate, has been awarded the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs’ Research Award.

Carsten Rahbek, professor at GLOBE Institute, University of Copenhagen, has worked with biodiversity research for 25 years. According to the award committee’s statement, ”(he) possesses a rare combination of deep insight into the diversity of life, excellent communication skills, and a profound commitment to matters of society”.

An author of 400 scientific papers, he has often focused on the biodiversity of mountain areas. This fall he was lead author of two review papers on the global importance of mountain biodiversity in the same issue of the prestigious magazine Science, turning common knowledge of biodiversity somewhat on the head. Rahbek and colleagues showed that about 85 percent of all species of mammals, birds and amphibians are found in mountain regions. And that living conditions in the mountains are far more diverse and varied than normally acknowledged. 

“It means a lot to me that my scientific results are being recognized. I work in a field that has found its way to the front pages because of the biodiversity crises and global climate change. I feel an obligation to share what we know about such relevant and important matters, and to take the time and effort to communicate. So I am happy that this aspect of my activities is also being recognized by the prize committee”, says Carsten Rahbek. 

He will receive the prize at a ceremony in the beginning of 2020.

 Video portrait of Carsten Rahbek (In Deanish)

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https://dm.dk/nyheder/2019/professor-i-makrooekologi-ved-ku-og-professor-i-klassisk-arkaeologi-ved-au-tildeles-dm-s-forskningspriser-2019 (in Danish)


Professor Carsten Rahbek, (+45) 35321030, crahbek@snm.ku.dk

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