Setting Goals for Dynamic Nature

Graphic information on the dynamic nature symposium

Setting Goals for Dynamic Nature: Paradox or Solution?

On 2 may 2024, researchers from University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University invite fellow researchers, students, and stakeholders to a 1-day symposium dedicated to the themes of setting goals in projects, nature transformation, evidence in projects, and methods of monitoring. 

The symposium is organised by researchers from Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate (CMEC) and Center for Sustainable Landscapes under Global Change (SustainScapes) at Aarhus University as part of the ongoing project NaturMål supported by Aage V Jensen Naturfond and 15. Juni Fonden.

Sign-up and program

Sign up for the symposium and read more about the program and keynotes here: 

Deadline for registration is 18 April 2024.


Louise Imer Nabe-Nielsen
Jacob Heilmann-Clausen